Monday, June 23, 2014

Clothes Drying Options

Drying clothes on a balcony in Italy
Some months ago, I purchased the parts to install a clothesline from my deck to my potting bench in my steep yard.   It included pullies to allow the line to rotate clothes out over an area of my yard far below my deck.  Unfortunately, I never got around to installing it because it involved a ladder and I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. 

A recent trip to Italy and Poland sent me in a different direction.  The European washing machines were small and weird, and no one had dryers. Homes were also not heated on cool nights, nor air conditioned during the day. It made me ashamed of our profligate use of energy for our comfort and convenience. 

I was soon convinced that hanging clothes outside doesn't have to be so complicated.  Every place we visited had either a permanent clothes drying rack on a balcony or deck, or folding "gull wing" clothes racks.   I discovered that an entire load of clothes can be hung on such racks. 

A soon as I returned home, I did a little research and ordered a drying rack.   I have dried my first load of clothes on it (from a large US washing machine, and I had plenty of room to spare).  I'm a convert.  It also provides space for flat drying, and drying shoes.  I ordered a separate hanging rack with pins for small items such as socks and underwear.  I also found that I could put many of the clothes on hangers about halfway through drying to eliminate hanging lines, and when they were dry they could go directly to the closet. How convenient is that? Interested?   Find these items:  Large rack; small rack. There are also many other styles available to suit your particular situation.

My new clothes drying rack

A full oad of clothes, and room to spare - Excuse me for airing my clean laundry

It folds up and slides right in beside my washer.  Couldn't be simpler

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