Friday, July 4, 2014

Spotlight on Cap'n Dave

It all started with an email about bunnies.  Permaculture graduate Cap'n Dave emailed from his "park" in South Leon County that he had an overabundance of bunnies and I, in a moment of madness, decided raising bunnies might be a great idea since I had recently had two great rabbit meals and I could use the rabbit pellets to fertilize my garden.   Dave invited me over to view the bunnies and to pick some blueberries.

Luckily, I regained my sanity and visited the bunnies (beautiful, healthy bunnies, and two litters (is that right) of baby bunnies, but didn't take any home.   I did pick some blueberries.  While there, I had a chance to talk to Dave and view his beautiful 6-acre spread which he has been nurturing and improving for 20 years.

Nestled in a pine forest, Dave's property was covered with wild blueberry bushes when he acquired it.  In fact, folks from the Woodville area had been coming there for years to pick blueberries.  In the ensuing years, the blueberry bushes have thrived.   Wild blueberries are smaller and sweeter than cultivated berries, and Dave has a bumper crop this year.  He invites his permie friends to give him a call and come for a blueberry picking visit.

In addition to blueberries, there are many other types of native and exotic fruits scattered throughout the property in a food forest amongst Hugelkultur and raised-bed vegetable gardens, chicken and rabbit pens, and places to walk and relax and enjoy the abundance.  There are moss-covered paths throughout the property that feel like walking on velvet, leading to different zones of his homestead.

Dave is not a survivalist, but he does believe in preparedness and is a student of what it takes to support an individual or a family in the event of a disaster, natural or otherwise, temporary or otherwise. A visit with him always leaves you with new information and enthusiasm in the effort to provide for your own needs as much as possible, whether in the event of disaster, or day to day.

Wild Blueberries

One of two sinkholes on Dave's property.
This one with a screened gazebo and
comfortable chairs for maximum viewing enjoyment

Hugelkultur beds ready for Fall crops
interplanted with many fruit trees

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