Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update from Regine in France

We have an update from Regine in France where she and Tim are spending time with Regine's mother, and putting her Permaculture skills to work in her Mother's garden.  She has included one of her wonderful picture collages of her Mother's garden and one of a hike in the Pyrenees, so don't neglect to click on the links.

"Dear friends,
We have now settled on the other side of the Atlantic. It is great
being with my mother who is so full of energy (84 y old), taking care of
cats, garden , flowers and us!  We are now the kids and we have someone
to tell us what to do  :-)

   We are now ready for the village fiesta this WE then a week in Britany
with cousins.  The good life.  We are fit and just as well - hiked 6
miles with the village walking club last Tuesday then 5h
walk in the mountains the next day.  We feel very fortunate!

   Nice to reconnect with life in the village, family and friends.  I
enjoy cycling through town with all these people using bicycles!

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  1. I keep re-reading your posts, Regine. I just love them. I feel like I have visited France and spent some time in your Mam's garden just a little, and almost smell the breeze in the Pyrenees. Thank you so much.