Monday, June 3, 2013

Newly Certified Permaculture Designers

Congratulations to the group of 18 new Permaculture Designers certified after a six-month course sponsored by the Leon County IFAS Extension.  They join 8 Designers certified after the 2012 class.  Instructors were Will Sheftall, Leon County Extension Agent for Natural Resource Management, and Anna Lee and SissyTaylor-Maloy, both certified permaculture designers and instructors.  The Designers are a diverse group in background, in age, in interests--but they all have in common the desire to live more lightly on the earth, to create resilient and sustainable environments for themselves and others, and to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their families, friends, and communities. 


  1. What a crew! What fun it was! Let's do it again!

  2. Will you share names? I wanna know who I can call/lean on. -- Nathan

  3. Nathan, so far you can put me (Janis Piotrowski) and Greg Jubinsky of Ragged Glory Farm on your list. Have asked permission of others to list their names.

  4. Nathan, you are welcome to put my name on your list as well, Jessie King. However, I am out of the area until September.

  5. You can put me on your list also. Amy Bennett.

  6. We are moving down in the next year to start our little off-the-grid permaculture farm! It is beautiful and affirming to know that there are so many light-workers around to reach out to for guidance. More and more people are awakening, and we are so excited to get to be a part of the revolution!

    -deeply grateful- <3

    1. If you are moving to the Tallahassee area, give us your email and we will put you on our Permie mailing list.