Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Upcoming Permaculture Events

Permaculture structure at LuLuLand
There are a number of events coming up for those who want to learn more about permaculture.  They all look very interesting and include hands-on activities as well as opportunities to connect with others.  All are welcome.  Thank you Anna Lee!!

October 1st - Garden Tower Workshop at Bless The Waters - 1311 Tom Still Rd. Tallahassee 32305
      This is a great excuse to come visit the developing Bless The Waters Urban Permaculture Site as well as to participate in erecting two Garden Towers.  These towers are a terrific design for growing over 50 plants in a small space and using vermiculture to feed them.  Bring a seedling to install once the tower is up!  

         We'll begin by 11 AM and likely run until 3 PM, weather dependent. Bring seedlings, snacks to share, and an open mind !
October 8 - Brains Brawn & Beauty - Women in Permaculture Workshop at LuLuLand - 4560 Charires Cross Rd Tallahassee 32317. 

        This is a day long workshop focused on women's particular attributes and perspectives on healing ourselves & our planet through permaculture design.  Areas of discussion and demonstration will include:

        -  Breaking the Grass Ceiling
        -  Remembering women's contributions through history
        -  Communing with Nature
        -  Loving Self, Loving our Planet
        -  Beauty and Function in Permaculture Design
        -  Empowering women to design& build structures we need
        -  Using tools well - with special guest Bill Oterson (and perhaps another guest) 
        -  Working with your body's needs in mind
        -  Hands on building project (weather dependent)
        -  Building our social network
        -  Moving forward

Women of all ages welcome and needed.   

We'll gather at 9 AM, begin the workshop at 10 AM and go into the evening.  Sun sets at 7 or so, and a fire can happen then if there is a desire stay longer to enjoy this for a while (weather dependent). .Bring chairs or blankets, food to share in potluck, Work gloves and clothing.  Donation of $20 suggested or trade in work time.


North Florida Bio-Regional Permaculture Gathering  November 3, 4 & 5 at LuLuLand

All ages welcome!  We'll work wiuth parents to set up a special play and learn space for children.

Just interested in Permaculture and want to know more?  Come with an eager and open mind to learn and participate!

Think you are well versed in permaculture and still want to know more?  Come share your experience with others, learn more, and build our community!

This will be a camping out event at beautiful LuLuLand.  Of course, you don't have to camp here, but you would miss out on some of the adventure and fun!  Water and tea will be available, but food is bring your own & share as a potluck as you choose.  Having someone bring prepared food is a possibility if there are enough people who want that and are willing to pay in'll have to let us know if this is your preference.

There will be an entry fee, but teams will be needed to make this event happen and work time can be scholarship

ed in lieu of entry fee.  Sign up ahead of time to be assigned to a team as more information details are released.  Team members will be encouraged to come on Thursday November 2nd to set up your personal camp and to get instructions and team building play time ahead of the event opening on the 3rd.

This is a fun and fullfilling permaculture opportunity for anyone seeking information about permaculture, how-to coverage of a multitude of subjects, hands on experience, interactive dialogue, inspiration, connection, relaxation, music  & FUN! 


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