Saturday, January 10, 2015

Register now for two must-do Agri-Workshops!!

Workshops for Organic Farmers and Gardeners on how
we CAN restore our waters, our soil, and our health.
January 17-18, 2015 – Two day course for $85 (lunch included)
Agroecology and Food Sovereignty
with Dr. Miguel Altieri
  • Design for bio-diverse, productive and resilient farms. 
  • Soil enhancing techniques: Bokashi, organic soil management, composting, compost teas, green manures, cover crops, etc. 
  • Pest management (biological pest control, crop diversification, rotations, etc.) and conversion strategies (how to get there from monocultures).
  • Assess and strengthen sustainability of farms, gardens and local food sovereignty
  • Hands-on learning as well as presentations and discussions
About Dr. Aliteri:  Professor of Agroecology at UC Berkeley since 1981 in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. Education at the University of Chile, a Ph.D.  Entomology from the University of Florida.   Author of 230+ publications, and numerous books on The Science of Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity, Pest Management ,, and the Search for a Truly Sustainable Agriculture.

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January 26-27, 2015 - $80 (lunch included)
Healthy Farms, Healthy Lives
with Dr. Don Huber & Jim Gerristen

Dr. Don Huber, Purdue/Emeritus Professor  - topics to include:
  • impact of present agricultural systems on soil, plants, insects, and human health. 
  • managing soil health, controlling plant diseases, micronutrients, GMOs and glyphosate - best management practices. 
Jim Gerristen, organic farmer and visionary - topics to include:
  • organic farm strategies, certified organic seed operation, seed purity issues
  • building and maintaining healthy soil and organic matter, crop rotations 
  • the role of insects, enhancing biological systems
  • harvesting for market, post-harvest handling issues, and tips on marketing for profit
  • Hands-on demonstration

All events will be held at:  FAMU Viticulture Center, 6506 Mahan Drive Tallahassee, Florida  32317

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