Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello Permie Bloggers

Hi, this is Vicki Mariner - I took the first permaculture course with Will, Sissy and Anna and am still planting and harvesting out here in Wakulla County.  Right now we have several kinds of figs and great numbers of Seminole pumpkins.
Since we are out of town for six weeks beginning in July, I didn't harvest the different kinds of crowder peas I was trying out this year.  Unfortunately they were too mouldy to use when we got back so I am now planting the seeds to see if it's possible to get a good harvest before cold weather- another experiment! 
Also seeding ground covers of hairy vetch, buckwheat and clovers prior to cool weather planting.
Will there be any more courses or get-togethers at the extention office?  Miss those pot-lucks!
Vicki Mariner

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