Friday, August 15, 2014

Ed's Post Jet

Post jet

Ed Schroeder shared this handy garden tool with us: 
"This is a cheap and easy tool to set steel posts for garden trellises. 

Schedule 40 PVC, 3/4 inch inside diameter, is sturdy enough, even in heavy soil because it has a 1/8" thick wall.  Ed's Drawing of Post Jet Assembly

These are all slip fittings that have to be glued with 1) PVC pipe cleaner; the purple stuff. 2) the actual glue is really a solvent the "melts" the pieces together for a very strong and water proof bond. The garden hose adapter does what the name says; it adapts the tool for connection to a garden hose. Turn on the water and jet a post hole. It's easier than using a sledge hammer."

And from Regine:  "I bought the parts with Ed's hand drawing.  I decided to go for metal and I bet they would be useful to dislodge invasives with big roots."  Regine's Post Jet: 

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