Saturday, April 5, 2014

Perennial Vegetables

VegHeadz Perennial Vegetable Plot installed by 2014 Permaculture Class
The 2014 Permaculture Class helped install a plot for perennial vegetables at the VegHeadz demonstration vegetable garden at the Leon County IFAS Extension this past Friday.  The class, led by Extension Agent Will Sheftall and Master Garden Janis Piotrowski, added a number of plants that are not generally familiar in our area.  We will be watching to see how they progress in our climate.   Some considerations for the design of the bed were the slope of the garden (not visible in the picture above, but slopes to the right), partial shade, and the size of the mature plants.   The bed was installed in two "U" shaped plots eight feet wide and 12 feet long with a four-foot path between.  One plot was installed as a Hugelkultur bed with oak logs buried beneath the planting mound, and the second bed was installed without the Hugelkultur feature.  Additional pictures as well as a list of the plants can be found as a post on the VegHeadz Blog.


  1. We're using perennial vegetables in our garden/homestead in Costa Rica. There are a TON of warm climate perennial vegetables. We can hardly keep up eating everything.....what a great problem...haha I'm currently trying to build a database of plants that grow well in my area and building what I call a "survival garden". Feel free to check out the site I think more folks should investigate these sorts of plants. They could be a solution to malnutrition in the rough spots around the world.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. The vegetables we planted here thrived throughout the summer and we are experimenting with ways to eat them, as well as sharing them with others who have an interest. We are overwintering some seedlings, etc., just in case they do not survive the winter here, but we have hopes they will come back in the Spring on their own. We'll be posting how they do.