Friday, September 13, 2013

Bosco Verticale

Perhaps you've seen the striking images for the Bosco Verticale (urban forest) in the news.  The two recently completed towers in Milan have stirred much controversy.  You can't help feeling a surge of interest and hope upon viewing the images.  We do hope they have included some edible plants.  Irrigation is mostly supplied from grey water sources in the buildings.  Some concerns are high winds and extreme temperatures, reliable maintenance of the plantings, and the long term ability of the structure to support the increasingly heavy weight as the plantings mature.  As with all innovation, certainly some changes and adjustments will need to be made as experience informs.  Let's hope that this is not just another interesting idea that flares and fades like the geodesic dome.  The cultural pressure for conformity can drive even the best ideas into obscurity. 

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