Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Regine takes her Permaculture designs to North Carolina

As always, Regine is on the forefront of getting things done.  She doesn't just talk about Permaculture, she does it!  Following is Regine's news from North Carolina where she is cooling it for the summer:

"I got back to my garden in NC and sure enough, it was not good enough any more - I had to change it to apply my newly learnt permaculture concepts... Here is the little story in pictures - I have some questions too (included in the doc) so if you have some ideas, please reply!

"Just had a great time with 6 weeks with my cousin and his wife - Martine likes weeding so this really helped me get the NC garden in shape before the next adventure up North - We are now on our way to Boston to visit Tim's mother.
"I must specialize in abandoned gardens!  Talk about watching what nature does...  I hope my NC neighbors will come and pick some string beans, okra, basil and blue berries while I am gone!

"I have also done another garden design in Atlanta and will send the picture story too when I am done with the before and after. After doing the permaculture adjustment to the garden (so eroded with bare soil everywhere, it was a pity to watch), I decided to send the new people in the house a one page explaining a little bit how to take care of the landscape  - funny to have to explain that leaves on the ground are OK!"

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