Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spotlight on Permaculture Projects in and around Tallahassee

Tallahassee has a full complement of green organizations and projects, both under the umbrella of government and in the non-profit arena.  As these continue to develop, we will all benefit from them.

Those practicing permaculture design, while not an organized movement at this point, are a part of the overall effort to create a more resilient future in our area.  While many of the sustainability strategies and campaigns have a wide reach, those practicing permaculture tend to focus on a specific place or parcel of land, whether a home site, or a park, a business, or some other distinct location.

Coming up soon on this Blog is a series of Spotlights on people who are practicing Permaculture Design and their projects, either on their own property, or at some other public or private location.   We will be including interviews and photos so we can learn from each other's efforts. 

Permaculture projects are not something like a new roof that you can install and then walk away.  Permaculture is a process of observing the specific site or habitat, planning, designing, and creating methods and projects to more closely conform to nature's patterns, continuing to observe, adjusting, planning, experimenting, and on and on.  As conditions change, so must the permaculture design.  Our goal is to capture and conserve water and energy, utilizing all the possibilities on our specific site to become self-sufficient, and to do so in a manner that will build the soil, increase fertility, produce no waste, and protect the natural resources available to us. 

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