Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dave on Predicting Weather

Dave says:  "Whaddya know!  A week ago, I couldn't even spell 'blogosphere.'  Now I is one."   Check out Dave's Post on Grow Your Own Groceries blog, where he tells us how to predict a late Spring frost.  You know, those times when you think Spring has arrived, the weather's warm, trees are budding, so you plant your garden, only to have it nipped by another frost or two.  Dave promises more posts to come, so you might want to put the Grow Your Own Groceries blog on your list to follow.


  1. hey dave! great article! i just sat in front of the fridge and did the cold front test. it was very cool! oh, fyi, it says early spring here. maybe should say late spring? :)

  2. Why, thank you Amy! It really has been a delicious spring around here; one of th enicest I recall in a decade. Lots of nice 55 degree sleeping nights.

    I just finished griping to somebody about how all the rain Tally has gotten over the last week has TOTALLY missed my place... looks like Andrea will fix that.

    BTW: You said; "fyi, it says early spring here. maybe should say late spring?" I'm not sure what you're refering to?

    1. In your article here it says you'll tell us how to tell if it's going to be an EARLY spring frost. But when I click the link and read your Grow Your Own Groceries blog, it talks about telling if there will be a LATE spring frost.

  3. Cool Capt.Dave loved your post. Here are a few local tips in watching nature predict weather from the Ol'folks....when the pecan trees put on their leaves in spring you have seen your last frost. When the dog fennel blooms you have 6 weeks till the first frost of fall. Bay trees turn the underside of their leaves up when rain is coming. Blueberries come in with the yellow flies.happy blogging!